How to report flooding issues on our roads

Norfolk County Council Highways are responsible for maintenance of our road network around the parish.

If you have persistent issues with roads near you flooding please follow the instructions below to raise a problem with Highways each time flooding occurs.

The more voices that are heard by Highways increases the likelihood of Highways taking action. Blofield Parish Council have requested assistance from our County Councillor, Andrew Proctor but the more residents who register issues the better.

The starting point is :-



Select Anonymous report issues (or if you want to be able to track progress of your issue, select Register and then you’ll need to create an account with Norfolk County Council using your email address). This example has been created using the sign in method. On the next screen after logging in (or having selected the no tracking option)

highways2Select the Road option and then select Next

On the drop down menu, select Drainage & Flooding and then Next


On the next screen for the type of issue, select Standing water


Then on the interactive map, zoom into find the affected area of road. This example has been raised at the junction of Woodbastwick Road, Mill Road, Francis Lane. When you can see green lines on the map you can then click on the area affected to add a pin. This is the location that Highways will investigate.


The next screen asks a series of questions and then allows you to enter comments about the affected area.



The next screen allows you to enter any additional comments.

When you have completed all of the screens, you are presented with a summary screen :-


Pressing submit will then generate an issue reference with Highways, in this case the reference number is ENQ900052176