Older Planning Applications

The following applications were considered by Blofield Parish Council and the outcomes can be found in the minutes of the meeting for which they were discussed.

May 2017 Parish Council Meeting

20161588 – Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4QH for Erection of 4 No Dwellings and Associated Works.

Amended plans have been submitted for the proposed development adjacent to Heathlands, Blofield Heath.

20170634 – Land at Clarkes Loke, Blofield Heath for Erection of house and garage


April 2017 Parish Council Meeting

20170512 – Westbury,Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4QH for a Proposed rear extension

20170058 – 8 Church Road,Blofield,NR13 4NA for a Rear Conservatory

20170405 – Plot Adjacent 15 St Andrews Way,Blofield,NR13 4LA for Erection of 2 Bedroom Detached Bungalow


March 2017 Parish Council Meeting

20170016 – KJL Solicitors,The Street,Blofield,NR13 4AA for Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Signs

20170207 – Land off Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4RR for 6 No Dwellings with Associated External Works accessed from Woodbastwick Road.

20170157 – Red House,Shack Lane,Blofield,NR13 4DP for 1. Private Motor Cross track located within Domestic Garden 2. New fence to Front Boundary facing Road (Retrospective)


February 2017 Parish Council Meeting

20170040 – Nursery Cottage,Laundry Lane,Blofield,NR13 4SB for 1. Demolition of Single Storey Extension & Erection of Two Storey & Single Storey Extension 2. Erection of Single Storey Detached Garage

20170037 – Fircroft,9 Mill Road,Blofield,NR13 4QJ for Alterations & Extensions to Front, Side & Rear

20170023 – Aldersbrook,Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4QH for New Dwelling & Garage (Reserved Matters following Outline Planning Permission 20161388)

20162199 – Land off Blofield Corner Road,Blofield Heath for Erection of 36 No. Dwellings and Associated External Works (Reserved Matters Following Outline Planning Permission 20140968)

20162041 – Stone Cottage,87 Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4LQ for Change two storey front extension to single storey front extension; omit single storey front extension; change single storey east side extension to single storey front and side extension; re-site outbuilding; and add first floor rear extension over existing single storey rear extension.

20170162 – 7 Globe Lane,Blofield,NR13 4JW for Two Storey Side Extension

Although this is outside our parish we have been asked to comment on the proposed Postwick Hub development

20170095 – Land South of Broadland Gate,Adjacent to Postwick Interchange,Postwick,NR13 5NP for Full planning application for the proposed development of 1 no. petrol filling station, 2 no. drive through restaurants & 24 space HGV parking, together with various infrastructure and landscaping works20120120162

January 2017 Parish Council Meeting

20161588 – Erection of 4 No Dwellings and Associated Works at Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4QH (Land adjacent to Heathlands Community Centre) – Revised plans for visibility splay

20162031 –  Flat Roof Rear Extension and Garage Conversion at 64 Blofield Corner Road,Blofield,NR13 4SA

20162126 – Change of Use from Agricultural Land to Land for Recreational Purposes for Land East of Brundall Memorial Hall,Brundall,NR13 5LL

20162041 – Extensions to dwelling including two storey front extension, single storey front extension and single storey side extension and erection of outbuilding to be used as a car port and office/studio for Stone Cottage,87 Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4LQ



December 2016 Parish Council Meeting

20162027 – 6 Mill Close,Blofield Heath,NR13 4QT for Proposed Single Storey Side and Rear Extensions and Detached Double Cart Shed

20161884 – Land at Woodbastwick Road,Blofield for Removal of hedgerow to allow creation of a new 1.8 metre footway between the proposed new dwellings (from mid point of plot 5) and junction with Blofield Corner Road

20161588 – Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4QH for Erection of 4 No Dwellings and Associated Works

20161577 – Land at Woodbastwick Road,Blofield for 5 No Dwellings with Associated External Works Accessed from Woodbastwick Road


November 2016 Parish Council Meeting

Fox Lane – Blofield – Erection of 4 dwellings notice of Appeal Ref : APP/K2610/W//16/3156003

An appeal has been lodged with the Secretary of State following Broadland District Councils decision to refuse permission for the development.

The planning inspectorate has accepted the appeal and so Broadland District Council has forwarded all views already aired to the Planning Inspectorate. However this does not preclude any further additional comments being submitted.

If you wish to make any further comments, or modify, or withdraw your previous representation, you can do so on the Planning Portal at www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs or by emailing teampni@nullpins.gsi.gov.uk. If you do not have access to the internet then you can send your comments (three copies) to the Planning Inspectorate, Room 3d, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN quoting the appeal reference above.

Existing documentation regarding this planning application can be viewed >> Here <<

Any comments to the Planning Inspectorate must be received by 11th November 2016.


20161757 – Norfolk Premier Golf,Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4JS for 1. Retention of 3 No. Non-Illuminated Freestanding Pole Mounted Road Signs 2. Installation of 2 No. Illuminated Wall Signs

20161726 – High House,Ranworth Road,Blofield,NR13 4PJ for Proposed Single Storey Extension & Associated Alterations

20161666 – 68 Blofield Corner Road,Blofield,NR13 4SA for Proposed Loft Conversion, Rear Extension & Front Porch

20161696 – 36 Chamberlin Court,Blofield,NR13 4JF for Single Storey Extension


October 2016 Parish Council Meeting

20161615 – Land North of Bullacebush Lane,Blofield for Development of Infill Plot to provide One New Dwelling & Garage/Outbuilding together with Associated Access, Hard & Soft Landscaping & Other Ancillary Works (Revised Proposal)

20161588 – Woodbastwick Road,Blofield,NR13 4QH for Erection of 4 No Dwellings and Associated Works (land adjacent to Heathlands Community Centre)

20161570 – Callow Green,Bullacebush Lane,Blofield,NR13 4SG for Conversion and Rebuild of Outbuilding to Form a Detached Annex

20161483 – Land at Yarmouth Road,Postwick/Brundall for Proposed Development of a retail supermarket of no more than 2500 sq. m, up to 192 dwellings, open space and vehicular access (Outline)

20161531 – 17 Manor Ridge,Blofield,NR13 4PN for Proposed first floor dormer extensions to front & rear.

20161572 – 10A Reve Crescent,BlofieldHeath ,NR13 4RX for a Single Storey Rear Extension

20161577 – Land at Woodbastwick Road,Blofield Heath for 5 No Dwellings with Associated External Works Accessed from Woodbastwick Road


September 2016 Parish Council Meeting

20161408: 4 No. Detached Dwellings (Revised Proposal), Fox Lane, Blofield

20161413: Minor Material Amendment to Planning Permission 20160102 – Repositioning of house by 1 metre to the East & Increase width of house to accommodate larger lift.

20161455: Erection of 1 No. Detached Dwelling & associated works (Revised Proposal), Land at Clarke’s Loke, Blofield.

20161396: Single storey side extension, 20 St Andrews Way, Blofield.

20161451: Single storey rear extension, 17 Skedge Way, Blofield.

20161399: Single storey front extension, 76 Blofield Corner Road, Blofield

20161388: New Dwelling with garage, Aldersbrook, Woodbastwick Road, Blofield

20161536 – Blofield Court House,28 Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4JU for 1. Replace a window and some brickwork in the passage to the Cell Block with a new doorway allowing access to the rear of the property 2. Replace two existing doors which are not fit for purpose with new-for-old replacements (Listed Building)



July 2016 Parish Council Meeting

20160979 – The Mission Hall,Globe Lane,Blofield,NR13 4JW for Hybrid Application for 1. Change of Use of Existing Mission Hall to Form 2 No. Dwellings (Full Planning) and 2. Erection of 2 No. Additional Dwellings (Outline)

20161044 – Chez Moi,14 Mill Road,Blofield,NR13 4QJ for Front & Side Extensions & Associated Works

20161096 – Pastons Piece,Brundall Road,Blofield,NR13 4LB for Double Garage & Attached Car Port

20161117 – 24 Heath Way,Blofield Heath,NR13 4RS for Single Storey Side Extension