Parish Councils were established as the first tier of local government in 1894 to take over local oversight of civic duties in rural towns and villages. Blofield Parish Council discharges its duties and powers within the law and according to its governance policies. These policies are reviewed annually.

governanceThe rules governing the behaviour of Parish councillors are set out in the Code of Conduct issued by central government in April 2007. Parish Councillors work to rules on how business is conducted, as set out in the Standing Orders adopted by the Parish Council.

The Risk Assessment allows the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and to satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise those risks

The Communications Policy sets out the various mediums that the Parish Council has as its disposal to communicate to Parishioners along with setting out expectations for how each method of communication will be used.

The Implementing Neighbourhood Plan Policies document sets out how the Parish Council will use the Neighbourhood Plan when assessing matters concerning land use and planning applications.

The Managing Neighbourhood Plan Projects document provides a framework for the Parish Council to consider the projects that were identified from the Neighbourhood Plan process.