A47 Feedback on the Proposed Junction / Bridge

The Parish Council has submitted the following points of concern to Highways England around the new junction treatment of the new A47 and the eastern end of Blofield.

Safety – the proposed junction does not appear to be safe way of joining the A47 to travel to Norwich as traffic will be travelling at 70MPH compared to the existing 50MPH limit on the single carriageway stretch, along with traffic decelerating to exit the A47 to enter Blofield.

Access – by closing off the “gap” on the A47, there is no access to eastern end of the village for travel to Strumpshaw / Lingwood without coming through the already congested North Street / The Street in Blofield to access Yarmouth Road. Blofield Heath residents will also be forced to come through North Street / The Street for access to the A47 for Norwich bound travel. This will no doubt add additional traffic through the village and add pressure to an already squeezed road infrastructure.

Traffic – the increase in housing in Blofield, Blofield Heath and Brundall will increase amount of traffic in the villages, what measures will be in place to ensure the traffic flows smoothly and is encouraged to use routes more appropriate to the journey. We have concerns over speeding traffic in the villages and wish to see measures implemented that will reduce traffic speeds accordingly.

Allotments – concerns around the access to the allotment site during construction of the new car park.

Trees – seeking assurances that the existing mature alder trees at the top of the Allotment site will not be felled as part of the works.

Footpaths – would like to see the proposed footpath link up to at least the Norwich Camping site or continue along Yarmouth Road to join the new footpath at the Saxon Fields development. Would also like to see a footpath placed along Waterlow Road to join up with the new proposed footpath to enable a full, safe walking route around Blofield using existing Public Rights of Way.

Junction Layout – following a presentation from an ex NCC Highways Bridge Engineer, the Parish Council would like to see a proper grade separated junction, further away from the existing junction to allow full access to the new A47, Blofield, Blofield Heath, North Burlingham, Strumpshaw and Lingwood without the need for traffic to enter the village of Blofield to do so. The alternative suggested scheme is detailed below.

If you feel this would be a better outcome for Blofield and the surrounding area, then please make your thoughts known to the Highways England team at A47BlofieldtoNorthBurlinghamRIS@nullhighwaysengland.co.uk , or write to them at Freepost A47 BLOFIELD TO NORTH BURLINGHAM. Feedback closes on Friday 19th October at 11.59pm.