Acle Community Gym Needs You!

Acle Community Gym is only a small gym but we’re friendly and fun and we have equipment (listed below) ….but we just  need some more users so we can survive.
There is always a qualified instructor present who would be happy to help and show you how to use the equipment and prepare a programme for your individual use if required.
We were originally set up with help from Broadland District Council who gave us a sum of money to buy the equipment. But after the first year we no -longer receive any help from BDC so we have to rely on other small hand outs.
We are desperately in need of some more help to cover our costs for hiring the room, maintaining the equipment and insurance.
Our opening hours are
  • Monday  – 5.30pm – 7.30-pm
  • Friday     – 09.30am – 12.30pm
We have many items of equipment:
2 treadmills
2 rowers
3 bicycles
1 cross trainer
free weights, balls, mats etc
Cost is £5 per visit pay as you go or £20 monthly standing order (unlimited use)
I really hope you will take this information away and spread the word and if there is any financial help you can give that would be terrific !


In the Yare Room at Acle Recreation Centre (opposite children’s play area)

Contact: 01493 741004 or 01493 752043