Community Speedwatch – Update and Plea

On Friday 22nd June, the Blofield Parish Community Speedwatch team undertook their mini day of action. As they couldn’t take part in the planned county wide event in May, they spent nearly 3 hours monitoring 5 different locations on the roads in Blofield Heath and Blofield.

Speedwatch isn’t about catching drivers out for speeding, its about changing driving behaviours and encouraging drivers to slow down in our villages. Being out and about, visible in our hi-viz yellow jackets and the warning signs all helps to slow traffic –  although having a radar gun logging speeds helps no end!

The Co-Ordinator, Paul Culley-Barber would like to thank all the volunteers for their time on the day of action. The team will be out and about more frequently – if you see us about give us a wave or if you would like to join in or to find out more, then please contact the Speedwatch Co-Ordinator, Paul Culley-Barber at