Draft Highways England Plans for the A47

Following on the exhibition on Thursday 15th February at The Courthouse, the DRAFT plans for the new dual carriageway, proposed junctions and new road layouts are now available.

Highways England A47 Blofield to N Burlingham DRAFT plan

The proposed junctions are as follows and as the speakers from Highways are keen to set out, it is a work in progress at the moment and could change in future revisions.

Blofield Junction – westbound access only to and from the dualled A47, with a revised road layout (Waterlow can just about be seen in the feint grey to the north of the new road going through the allotment access) providing a skewed fly over to access the “old” A47 for North Burlingham. The “old” A47 would be given to Norfolk County Council to be maintained as part of the local road network.


The Lingwood – White House junction provides a flyover with much longer then standard acceleration lanes to accommodate the Sugar Beet lorries using the new road layout. The “old” A47 is also accessed from this junction for travel to North Burlingham – effectively going back on yourself a bit.

Feedback is welcomed on these DRAFT plans can you can email the relevant team at