Letter received from Konect Buses (Queries direct to Konect Buses please):

Dear Parish Council Contact,

Bus Services during the COVID-19 emergency

Firstly, I apologise for being unable to write to you personally.

As the provider of a significant number of local bus services within your area I am writing to confirm
what we are doing about transport during the current crisis in the light of the rapidly escalating

We are in the p
rocess of introducing emergency timetables that aim to support the government
advice about reducing the number of people at work and travelling – particularly on public transport.
Our objective is to provide transport for key workers and access to food shops and medical facilities
for those who depend upon us.

A brief consultation is currently being opened online for comments from the public with the intention
of confirming any adjustments this evening and introducing the emergency timetable on Friday 27th
March or Saturday 28th March. We will also be putting posters on the buses and, as far as possible
at town centre bus stops, as well as asking our drivers to inform the small number of people still
travelling which is now about 8% of normal totals. Photocopied timetables will be available on the
buses. There will be a delay in updating electronic journey planners.

Can I emphasise most strongly that if we have got the service level wrong we are more than happy
to review what we are doing – we are keen to play our part at this difficult time, but we don’t want
more of our staff to be attending work than is necessary. Our contact for those concerned is
feedback@nullkonectbus.co.uk or 03300 539358.

We will review what we are doing when government advice changes. For those travelling we have
enhanced cleaning and wipe downs on our buses and usage is very low enabling 2m distances to
be maintained.

The team at Konectbus has shown considerable fortitude and commitment in maintaining services
and as key workers we all remain keen to do our bit for the duration of the current crisis. I hope this
information is helpful.

Yours sincerely
Jeremy Cooper
Managing Director