Local Elections 2019 – What you need to know as a Councillor


What you need to know as a Councillor


A Council’s life is for four years. This means that elections are held every four years and the next election is Thursday 2nd May 2019. Every person who wants to be a councillor (whether existing councillors or members of the public) must go through the process of standing for election.

The Election Process

You will need to complete a nomination paper and a consent to nomination. As well as your own details the form asks you to provide the name of a proposer and a seconder, these are people who must be on the electoral role. The Clerk can provide the electoral role number of parishioners. This form has to be delivered to Broadland District Council by 4pm on 3rd April 2019. If it can be delivered sooner that would be better, as then it gives an opportunity for any mistakes on the form to be corrected as well as checking eligibility. The Nomination form is available from the Clerk or the Electoral Commission’s website.


If more people put their name forward than there are places on the council then an election will be held. If there are fewer names there will be no election and you will be advised that you have been elected unopposed. An election will only take place when there are more people who stand than there are places. As a new councillor you must complete a declaration of acceptance of office form which must be completed at or before the first meeting and a register of interests form within 28 days. The Clerk will provide you with these forms, once completed they should be returned to the Clerk. You should also return an expenses form (even if a nil entry) to the District / Borough Council by 30th May.

Once you are on the Council

Please make sure that you keep the date of our annual parish council meeting free, this is Monday 20th May 2019 at 7pm at Blofield Courthouse.  You will receive your agenda papers for the meeting at least 3 clear days ahead of the meeting. Please also let the Clerk know whether you are happy for your contact details to be displayed on the noticeboard and website.

This is only a summary of the process for the May 2019 elections and full information, including the nomination forms, is available on the Electoral Commission’s website, on the Broadland District Council’s website and on our own website.