Parish Council Meetings & Minutes

The dates below are the days when Blofield Parish Council will meet in the year. Dates of other meetings will be advised when known. Meetings will take place on a Monday at 7:30pm in Blofield Courthouse Main Hall unless otherwise notified.


During 2020 the parish council will hold two meetings a month (with the exception of January, August and December).  A monthly council meeting for all matters arising and a monthly planning meeting dedicated to discussing and commenting on planning applications.

Date Type Venue Time  Agenda Minutes
 13th January  Monthly & Planning  Blofield Courthouse  7.30pm  Agenda



 10th February Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm Agenda



 24th February Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.00pm Agenda Minutes
 9th March Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm Agenda
 Thursday 12th March

Annual Meeting

of the Parish


Heathlands 7.30pm Agenda
 23rd March Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm



 6th April Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm CANCELLED   N/A
20th April Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm  CANCELLED  N/A
4th May Annual & Monthly Blofield Courthouse

Annual – 7.00pm

Monthly – 7.30pm

1st June Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 15th June Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 29th June Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 13th July Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 27th July Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 10th August Monthly & Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 7th September Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 21st September Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 5th October Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 19th October Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 2nd November Monthly Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 16th November Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm
 7th December Monthly & Planning Blofield Courthouse 7.30pm

** This meeting will only take place if there are sufficient agenda items, decision to be made closer to the date and will be published here and on Facebook.


Previous years meetings and minutes


Public Participation

All members of public and press are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.

In fact by law members of the public must be admitted to all meetings of the full council and its committees. However, the law does not allow members of the public to take part in the debates.

This council, like many other parish and town councils in England and Wales, gives members of the public an opportunity to speak at some point during the meeting, for us this is under ‘Open Forum – for parishioners to raise questions on and/or make statements about matters of concern and to receive a report from the District Councillor and County Councillor’.

We do this by temporarily adjourning the meeting. This allows the public and our District and County Councillors an opportunity to speak. It is important for you to study the agenda so that when the opportunity occurs you can make the best use of your time.

If you wish to raise a point which does not relate to an item on that evening’s agenda you are free to do so. However, the council’s discussion of the point might have to be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the council is unable to make a decision binding in law(this is particularly relevant to financial decisions) unless a specific item is included on the agenda.

Members of the council are always willing to discuss topics put forward by the public. Our agenda is prepared about a week before the next monthly council meeting so you will need to inform the Clerk or Chairman at least ten days before the meeting. Although this might seem a long time in advance the council is required by law to publicise its agenda at least three clear days before each meeting, these days do not include the day of issue or the day of the meeting.

Recording of a Parish Council meeting is permitted, however you are advised to familiarise yourself with the Filming and Recording Guidelines if you do wish to record a meeting.

The Parish Clerk will usually have an audio recording of the meeting to facilitate production of meeting minutes.

We hope that you will find the meeting useful and if you have any queries please consult the Clerk.