2017 Meetings & Minutes


16th January Agenda Minutes
13th February Agenda Minutes
13th March Agenda Minutes
24th April Agenda  Minutes
Annual Meeting of the Parish – 7.30pm
Thursday 11th May (Refreshments will be served)
Agenda Minutes – DRAFT

22nd May

Annual Parish Council Meeting starts at 7.00pm followed by the Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm

Annual PC Agenda


Annual PC Minutes


19th June –

Confidential meeting at 7.30PM followed by

Public Meeting at 8.00PM – members of the public are invited to arrive from 8.00PM onwards

Confidential Meeting Agenda

Public Meeting Agenda 

Minutes – from the Confidential Meeting

Minutes – from the Public Meeting

Appendix to Public Meeting Minutes

17th July Agenda Minutes
14th August Agenda Minutes
11th September  Agenda  Minutes – DRAFT
9th October Agenda Minutes
6th November  Agenda Minutes – DRAFT
11th December Agenda


Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4