Allotments Entrance Improvements

8/2/2017 – Pat Wilson reminded the Council that the letter of understanding between the Parish and the BAA stated that the surplus of income over expenditure was held with the Parish Council as a contingency fund for works needed on the Allotment site.

The Council resolved to keep £800 as the surplus for unexpected/emergency expenditure.

The council would request the BAA provide full details and costs of their proposals for improvements to the site entrance. In addition, the Council will obtain three quotations for the work to be carried out.

‘Letter of Understanding’ between the BAA and the Council to be reviewed at the next BAA / Council meeting. Clerk (SF) to set meeting for July 2017.   Any proposed letter of understanding changes will come to the Council for approval following this meeting.

8/3/2017 – Steven obtaining quotes.

20/4/2017 – BDC Planners advise planning permission for works put forward by BAA do not require planning permission but as a condition of existing planning consent approval by tree specialist of the proposed works is required. SF consulting civil engineer and highways for opinion on best solution to the drainage problems that may be caused by highway surface water run off.

10/06/2017 BAA contacted re updated specification, no reply received.

04/07/2017 Meeting held with BAA, minutes on agenda. Revised specification for entrance improvement works agreed. Once approved by the tree consultant new tenders from the 3 contractors who quoted previously would be obtained.

Allotment entrance as at June 2017

09/08/2017 Tree Consultant considering the current proposals.

05/09/2017 A T Combes contacted a number of times in August but no comments from them to date. Their comments are required before Broadland’s tree officer can consider the proposed work.

11/09/2017 A T Combes comments received. Steven to move forward and go to tender with quotations.

02/10/2017 Revised quotation received and on the November agenda for decision.

31/10/2017 Further quotations being obtained to comply with financial regulations.