Churchyard tree survey and management plan

8/2/17: Management plan requested from Fringe Project.

20/4/17: Tree survey and management received and on agenda. Requested the Fringe Project to prepare the churchyard management plan.

14/06/2017 No further updates received.

10/07/2017 Norwich Fringe asked for an update on progress of the management plan.

09/08/2017 Norwich Fringe say the proposed tree works would manage the work for the current year.

05/09/2017 Quotation for tree works on the agenda for decision. Lloyd Southon wished to meet on site to discuss the cutting of the western boundary shrubs and dealing with the waste wood that had been piled up at the southern boundary. He had identified two trees that were dead that he felt should be felled. Date of meeting to be advised but imminent.

11/09/2017 Meeting taken place between Rob Christie and tree surgeon and clerk awaiting a quotation for the work.

02/10/2017 Quotation from Lloyd Southon on the November agenda. Permission for conservation area tree works received from BDC in September, three tree surgeons contacted for quotations to carry out the work.

31/10/2017 No quotations received, further three tree surgeons requested to provide quotations. Clerk (SF) to chase quotations.