Churchyard Wall

8/2/17: Faculty being applied for and 4 contractors asked to tender by Ruth Brennan.  

8/3/17: tenders on March agenda for a decision

22/3/17: NF Coverdale tender accepted, expected start in June, Ruth Brennan has advised vicar.

6/7/17 : Ivy has been removed from western section of the wall which revealed that it is fractured and leaning badly. Architect has instructed contractor to take it down and rebuild it up as far as the boundary.

Churchyard wall (repair in progress)



New foundations in place
Foundation work continued











Completed wall










05/09/2017 Final invoice from Church architect received. All works completed and Coverdale builders had been requested to provide a quotation for replacement gates etc. Their surveyor had visited to measure up in late August and the quotation was awaited. The surveyor pointed out that if a gate was provided to the footpath entrance it would reduce the width of the access to below that required by wheelchairs. Like for like quotations had been requested; it was possible some work to the wall to level the gates might be required.