Community Speedwatch

13th February 2017 – Council agreed to seek volunteers to establish a Community Speedwatch in Blofield and Blofield Heath.

March 2017 – Adverts appeared in both Focal Point and Blofield News asking for volunteers to step forward. Facebook and Parish Council website also running the same request for volunteers.

Late March – a few parishioners volunteer – insufficient numbers to proceed further.

Early June – sufficient numbers now on board to establish the next steps

11/09/2017 One volunteer has chosen not to be part of the speedwatch team so the council are now short of volunteers. Paul Culley-Barber will re-advertise

10/10/2017 – We’ve now met the minimum number of volunteers. Will carry on advertising to see if we can increase the number to get just over the minimum.

31/10/2017 – Paul Culley-Barber has sufficient volunteers and is progressing setting up the scheme.

17/11/2017 – Meeting arranged with the Community Speed Watch Administrator for Norfolk Constabulary on 1st December to go through the next steps – all members of the team passed clearance and are eligible to work on the scheme.