Footpath through Churchyard and replacement gates

8/2/2017: Awaiting Vicar to apply for faculty

8/3/2017: Awaiting Vicar to apply for faculty

20/4/2017: Map of churchyard and details of works prepared for meeting with the vicar, David Pilch, clerk and members to be arranged asap to agree details of route and vegetation to be cut back. Faculty may not be required the vicar has advised.

21/6/2017: Meeting with Rev. Billson, David Pilch and assistant clerk route of path, cutting back and method of construction agreed in principle. Assistant clerk and Rev Billson to submit a faculty for the works when the specification has been prepared by the assistant clerk. The position of the footpath sign was agreed near the concrete collection box that will be removed and its removal would be included in the faculty application.

05/09/2017 Preparation of the specification for the proposed repairs to the path was being prepared and would be passed to Rev. Billson by the assistant clerk for the faculty application when completed.

02/10/2017 Two quotations for replacement gates received. Third contractor taken to visit site, will submit quotation for new gates etc asap. Details of proposed works passed to Rev. Billson for faculty application.

31/10/2017 3 quotations on agenda for decision regarding the gates. No further news on the footpath – clerk (SF) to enquire with the rector.