New Community Land behind Norfolk Homes Wyngates site

8/2/17 – awaiting advice on when this will be handed over

8/3/17 – still awaiting advise on when this will be handed over.

30/4/17 – No update received

14/06/2017 – No update received.

10/07/2017 – No update received.

09/08/2017 – The transfers of the open spaces should take place at the times below. We also need to agree who is taking on the open spaces and agree maintenance sums for the open spaces for the 10 years after transfer. On transfer of O/s 3 also pay £35,000 for the provision of play equipment.

O/S 1 Prior to occupation of plot no’s 10, 11, 12 & 13

O/S 2 Prior to occupation of plot no’s 49, 50, 51, 52 & 53

O/s 3 Prior to occupation of 38 dwellings.

We (Broadland DC) have gone past the 1st trigger and are getting close to the 2nd and 3rd triggers.

05/09/2017 No updates received.

02/10/2017 Meeting arranged with Bob Fell of BDC to discuss the detail of land hand over, options and recommendations.

09/10/2017 Meeting held with Bob Fell, considerable discussion regarding land hand over, s106 payments and CIL income. Information to be discussed/progressed at parish council meeting November 2017.