Parking Bays in Yarmouth Road

You will be aware that following complaints regarding the cars parked on the verge on Yarmouth Road, Norfolk County Council put in the temporary measure of parking bays on the road, thus reducing the width of the road.

From 19th December 2017 to 8th January 2018 a Facebook Poll was published on the Parish Council Facebook page whereby people were asked to vote whether they believed that cars should park on the verge or in the parking bays. This poll reached 1,390 people on Facebook plus those that have visited our website. 93 votes were counted, and the result is as follows: –

59% voted for the cars to park on the verge
41% voted for the cars to park in the bays

As stated this is a temporary measure and at the Parish Council meeting in January the results were discussed. It was also noted at this meeting that the detailed planning application from the Hopkins Homes development in Yarmouth Road will include their treatment of Yarmouth Road and it was therefore agreed to leave the parking bays as they are and wait to see what is proposed in the Hopkins Homes plan and by Norfolk County Council as part of their representations to the planning application.