Parking Near Blofield Primary School

The following flyer was attached to the latest Blofield Primary School newsletter sent to parents on the 10th of March.

If you need to drive to school then please park considerately and be mindful of residents around the school, obey the parking restrictions and above all, think of child safety – a lot of children walk to school on their own and they need to reach the school safely.

The Police receive regular complaints regarding parking concerns outside of schools at opening and closing times. These complaints far outreach any other traffic related complaint.

We would rather children were picked up and dropped off by parents/guardians safely, than impose further restrictions. However inconsiderate parking is causing concern on the roads outside our school entrances and affects pedestrian safety.

Problems are:-

 Parents arriving by car early and staying well after school starts and finishes. Limiting the space for others.

 Parking on or opposite junctions, reducing the turning capacity and visibility of other road users.

 Parking in restricted areas.

 Parking directly outside the school gates.


There are a number of actions that parents can take to assist in resolving the situation and improve safety.

 If you live locally, walk or cycle rather than use the car.

 Plan your route and leave earlier, then park away from the school area and walk a short distance

 Ensure you park in an unrestricted area and do not park across dropped kerbs and driveways

Remember your parked vehicle could obstruct other motorists, but more importantly it could obstruct children crossing and put them at risk.

Please help us ensure the safety of our children and be mindful of your actions.