Major Developments

Details of sizeable developments in build or planned for Blofield Parish are as follows :-

Woodbastwick Road, Blofield Heath

20161588 – Woodbastwick Road, Blofield, NR13 4QH – Erection of 4no. Dwellings and Associated Works (Outline)


Land off Woodbastwick Road, Blofield Heath

20170207 – Land off Woodbastwick Road, Blofield, NR13 4RR – 6no. Dwellings with Associated External Works accessed from Woodbastwick Road.

20161577 – Land off Woodbastwick Road, Blofield, NR13 4RR – 5no. Dwellings with Associated External Works including 1.8m wide footway between site and junction of Blofield Corner Road and Woodbastwick Road


Blofield Nurseries, Blofield Heath

20171686 – Blofield Nurseries, Hall Road, Blofield, NR13 4DB – Outline Permission (with all Matters Reserved) for Nine Bungalows with Associated Parking and Gardens (Revised Proposals)


Wyngates – Blofield

20130296 – Land off Wyngates,Blofield,NR13 4JG – Erection of 64 Dwellings with Associated Garages and Amenity Work, together with Public Open Space


Garden Farm – Blofield

20150700 – Garden Farm,Land South of Yarmouth Road and North of Lingwood Road,Blofield,NR13 4JG – Reserved Matters Application for Appearance, Layout and Scale following Outline Approval for Up to 75 Residential Units, Associated Access, Public Open Space and a Community Facility (Application 20121587)

20150794 – Garden Farm,Phase 2,South of Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4JG – Reserved Matters Application (for Planning Permission 20140714) for Appearance, Layout and Scale following Outline Approval for 30 Residential Units, Associated Access and Public Open Space

20171053 – Garden Farm, Land South of Yarmouth Road and North of Lingwood Road, Blofield, NR13 4JG – Revised house types – replace 4no. 4 bed detached houses with 8no. dwellings comprising – 6no. 3 bed semi detached 2.5 storey houses; 1no. 3 bed detached 2 storey house; and 1no. 4 bed detached 2.5 storey house (affordable unit)

Land near The Courthouse – Blofield 

20141710 – Land Adj. 20 Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4JS – Erection of 30 Dwellings (20 Open Market and 10 Affordable) plus Associated Works


Manor Park – Blofield 

20172131 – Land to the North of Yarmouth Road, Blofield – Application for reserved matters approval for 163 dwellings and associated open space following outline planning permission ref. 20160488.

20160488 – Land to the North of Yarmouth Road,Blofield – Erection of 175 Dwellings with Associated Open Space (Outline)

20160497 – Land at Yarmouth Road,Blofield – Hybrid Application consisting of 1) Full Planning Permission for the Erection of a New Employment Building (Use Class B1) (1500 sqm) 2) Outline Planning Permission for 1000 sqm of Employment Floorspace (Use Class B1)


The Piggeries – Blofield

20150262 – Former Piggeries,Manor Farm,Yarmouth Road,Blofield,NR13 4JS – Demolition of Existing Agricultural Buildings and Re-development to Provide 13 No. Dwellings (9 Open Market & 4 Affordable) & Associated Parking, Garages and New Access Road


Plantation Road – Blofield

20141044 – Land East of Plantation Road,Blofield,NR13 4PL – Residential Development (Outline) (Revised Proposal)


Land off Blofield Corner Road – Blofield Heath

20162199 – Land off Blofield Corner Road,Blofield Heath for Erection of 36 No. Dwellings and Associated External Works (Reserved Matters Following Outline Planning Permission 20140968)


Slightly further afield from the Parish, these developments may be of interest


Brooms Boats Proposal for up to (initially) 192 dwellings and supermarket on land near McDonalds – Yarmouth Road

20161483 – Land at Yarmouth Road,Postwick/Brundall for Development of a retail supermarket of no more than 2500 sq. m, up to 155 dwellings, open space and vehicular access.


Proposal for up to (initially) 200 dwellings on land near Brundall Memorial Hall

20171386 – Land East of Memorial Hall,Brundall for Hybrid Application – Outline Planning application with the details of Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale Reserved for later determination; with the exception of Phase 1 for which details of all matters in relation to the 23 Dwellings within that Phase are provided. Development to comprise: up to 170 dwellings (Class C2 and C3 Use); a Community/Sports Pavilion (Class D1 and D2 Use); a Country Park; Formal Outdoor Sports Provision; Access; and other Earthworks and Engineering Works. All Development, Works and Operations to be in accordance with the Development Parameters Plans


Land South of Broadland Gate, adjacent to Postwick Interchange, Postwick NR13 5NP 

20170095 – Development of 1no. petrol filling station, 2no. drive through restaurants and 24 space HGV parking, together with various infrastructure and landscaping works.